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Eating Smart!The Risk:

When you maintain a healthy body weight, by eating healthy and being active, you reduce your risk of breast cancer. We know that eating patterns are developed in the teenage years and early twenties. However, at this stage of life, when you take control over your eating choices, you are also exposed to fad diets and fast food. And although you likely have a high level of nutritional awareness, your exposure to fast food coupled with time constraints leads to poor attention to healthy eating guidelines.

The Message:

If you develop healthy eating patterns now, you are likely to continue following those patterns later in life and reduce your risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy body weight. It is generally recommended that your diet be low in fat and processed foods, and high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

The Strategies:

  • Increase the amount of fruit you eat by adding it to your cereal, yogurt, and salads.

  • When time is short and you need a fast meal, use frozen vegetables to make a quick stir fry.

  • Challenge yourself to cut back on the number of fast food meals you eat each week.

  • Choose whole wheat pastas, bread and rice instead of the white alternatives.

  • For easy snacks, choose fresh fruits and vegetable that are in season.

Girls who got the message say:

Iím more aware of how Iím meeting Canadaís Food Guide now.

I try to eat healthier, less junk food, drink water.

Iím eating way more fruits and veggies!

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