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The Risk:


Alcohol is the most commonly used substance by teenage girls and young women: 60% of female high school students and 87% of female university students drink alcohol, and about one quarter of those young women binge drink (have 5 or more drinks on one occasion). Research shows that if you drink alcohol, even at low levels, you are at an increased risk for developing breast cancer. Whether you drink wine, beer, or liquor, your risk of breast cancer increases as more alcohol is consumed.

The Message:

Canadaís low-risk drinking guidelines recommend that women limit themselves to between 0 and 2 drinks on any given occasion. A standard drink is considered one 12 ounce bottle of beer (5% alcohol), one 5 ounce glass of wine (12% alcohol), or one 1.5 ounce shot of liquor (40% alcohol).

The Strategies:

  • Offer to be the designated driver for your friends when they are going to be drinking.

  • Limit your alcohol intake by only bringing one or two drinks to a party.

  • Pace yourself and drink slowly so that you donít consume too many drinks too fast.

  • Alternate a drink of water or cola between alcoholic beverages, so you reduce the total amount of alcohol you drink.

  • Choose to stay sober at parties and other social events.

Girls who got the message say:

† ††

Drinking is something I do at my age, but itís something I can easily change.
I donít binge drink anymore because of this info.
I donít drink anyway and now Iím not going to start.

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