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Influence others to take control of their breast health

Now that you have the facts about breast cancer, you can inform and influence others to take control of their breast health. Here are three easy ways that you can put your knowledge into action:


  • Talk about it. Share what you know with the women around you, such as friends, family, classmates, and co-workers. Informal conversation is a great way to get breast cancer information out in the open and get more people talking about how the disease can affect them and what they can do to reduce their own risk.

  • Lead by example. You are the perfect person to show others how to lead a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of breast cancer. By eating smart, being active, and limiting the alcohol, you can inspire others to follow in your steps and take control of their breast health.

  • Run a campaign. With the information and resources on this website, you can start your very own Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention campaign in your school or community. The purpose of a campaign is to help spread awareness of the breast cancer risk factors to other young women in a creative and engaging way. For campaign ideas or more information on how to start a campaign, click here.

Want to share with us some ideas to bring up the topic with your friends? Come post them in our page!

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