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PowerPoint Training Workshop

These presentations have been created to provide an introduction to risk factors for Breast Cancer and to train peer educatores in an interactive and dynamic format. (Click on the item in order to download it)


Module 1 (Includes game)

This presentation is ideal for an introductory workshop. Through different games, it helps raise awareness of the topic, and it introduces the basic facts of each risk factor. A game (Who Wants to Have Healthy Breasts) to  tests the audience's knowledge on what they have learned is included. This module is estimated to run for 2 hours.


Module 2

This module is designed for training of peer educators. It compliments Module 1, and it includes activities to help young girls plan a Hook Up campaign through a Campaign Planner. It also works on exercising teamwork, communication, and problem solving through different active games. The module is estimated to run for 2 hours.


Game - Who Wants To Have Healthy Breasts? 

This game was designed to complement your introduction to the topic (through Module 1 or other resources) by testing the audience's knowledge. It can also be used as an ice breaker to the topic where facilitators provide facts and educate between responses. The game is estimated to run for 15 minutes. 


Download the Power Point presentations by clicking on the links above. The French version can be downloaded here.

For any inquiries please contact our office.

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