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Caring Women Pamphlet

The Caring Women Brochure is a pamphlet designed to be handed out to adult women who have a close relationship to young women. It aims to educate on the potential to reduce breast cancer risk during youth in order to engage them as role models or educators to their loved ones.



This is done through personal stories from young women diagnosed with breast cancer and tips on how to bring the topic up with young girls and advice to be given. The brochure can be distributed in doctors' offices, to school nurses, or to parents or school staff during assemblies. When introducing the brochure to groups, it could potentially be accompanied with a brief training session ellaborating the information further (i.e. adapting the power point presentations in the toolkit with a stronger focus on facts and advice).


To order the brochure in English or French fill out the order form [PDF version - Word version] or contact our office.


Want to get a sample of the Caring Women brochure? Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your contact information to order a Sample Package.

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